Monday, January 19, 2015

undergoing nose jobs and skin lightening.

Latoya is one of Destiny’s Child personel who has energic style. She is beautiful woman. But she is also rumored undergoing plastic surgery. in her photos, her performance indeed looks change in her adding age.
On Latoya’s face, there are some changes. She is like undergoing nose jobs and skin lightening. Her nose which shows that she has change her nose’s shape. It seems more pointed. So, her nose appears upper. Be smaller and less bulbous also becomes the result of her nose jobs. Because of park shin hye plastic surgery, nose surgery becomes one surgery which is rumored being undergone by her. It indeed looks clearly in one of her photo. Beside, former, she doesn’t look white in her photo. But, in some photo, she becomes having white skin. It makes her seem having skin lightening. Because in short time, her skin color can be different fast.
Latoya’s change remain to make her fans loyal to accompany her. It doesn’t reduce her  good performance. Her change instead looks better than before although it indeed seems unnaturally.

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