Friday, November 13, 2015

Facts about plastic surgery Lee Min Ho

News and gossip about the circulation of news about lee min hoo who perform surgery on her face is the fact that he did for the world of entertainment he do anything to satisfy his fans ,, he said to perform surgery on the nose and mouth are known to the media when he was in high school with a face that now he has. you can find a picture of Lee Min Ho before and after plastic surgery, news of Lee Min Ho perform plastic surgery, gossip Lee Min Ho plastic surgery, all of Lee Min Ho Boys Over Flowers. Maybe this is shocking news for fans of Korean TV series, Boys Over Flowers, especially fans of Lee Min Ho. Later it was rumored that Lee Min Ho handsome face that can be enjoyed today is the result of plastic surgery (Lee Min Ho plastic surgery). From the photographs above shows Lee Min Ho's face before plastic surgery, namely photographs of Lee Min Ho when he was in high school and before Lee Min Ho perform plastic surgery. You could compare it from the shape of the nose and lips. Of the picture of Lee Min Ho before and after plastic surgery looks the shape of the nose and lips Lee Min Ho is different. Photographs of Lee Min Ho's face before and after plastic surgery also looks different. Lee Min Ho had not yet recognize the truth of this story, but from the photos that circulated enough to convince the public that Lee Min Ho is certainly true of plastic surgery (plastic surgery). Then what Kim or Kim Bum Joon? Are they also perform plastic surgery ?. For fans of Lee Min Ho, I apologize, this news is not intended to demonize or discredit Lee Min Ho. But I just try to share information with all of you. And I personally think this is already commonplace in Korea where many Korean people who perform plastic surgery in order to look beautiful or handsome, even to many times. So to what issue, yet if properly Lee Min Ho perform plastic surgery results are also to look perfect right? evidence of a lot of fans until now. Most important of an actress or actor is acting ability, even if they want to improve their appearance with plastic surgery of course it is also done with full consideration is not it? and that certainly to support their careers.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cameron Diaz, After Breast Alter Face?

After her breasts enlarged, Cameron Diaz also has peculiarities in his face. Diaz's face without wrinkles and shiny look. He is suspected of operating.Earlier, while on vacation in Hawaii, Charlie's Angel star breasts swell and look different than usual. Diaz also alleged operation to enlarge her breasts.

And most recently, as they came into fashion events in Paris, Diaz's face looks different. Face former boyfriend Justin Timberlake was spotted without wrinkles and shiny. It immediately led to rumors that the woman who is now aged 39 was conducting operations in order to look younger.A plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn claimed there were irregularities when viewed face Diaz. But he is also in doubt, whether Cameron Diaz plastic surgery."Her forehead looks very smooth, chances are it is a consequence of excessive Botox injections. His face also looks very shiny, "explained Dr. Anthony."But I do not believe she has done plastic surgery. Or laser treatments Although I do not believe she had a facelift, laser treatments or chemical treatments can explain the skin smooth, shiny, "continued Dr. Anthony.

Kim Kardashian Before and After Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian admits that he never do plastic surgery. But that does not mean gossip about the operation stops blowing. This is the difference in Kim's face before and after plastic surgery rumors that happens.In Touch magazine some time ago a display of photos showing Kim faces differences ranging from 2006 to the present. From the photos of the most visible difference is the nose the star of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' it.Kim Kardashian plastic surgery to make his nose more aquiline. Not only dihidung, the operation is also carried out in order to more pointed chin. Not just surgery, lover Kanye West was also touted perform the chin implant.As quoted from Hollyscoop, in an interview with ABC television, Kim has denied the rumors of plastic surgery. He said not one part of her body, including her breasts exposed incision at the operating table. Only he admits it is using botox to maintain its appearance."I've tried Botox. That's all I've ever done," said the woman who is known for the sexy stature.Regarding surgery on his nose, Kim also denied. "I never rhinoplasty. But it is my great distrust because of my nose. I always wanted to have nose surgery," he said.