Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cameron Diaz, After Breast Alter Face?

After her breasts enlarged, Cameron Diaz also has peculiarities in his face. Diaz's face without wrinkles and shiny look. He is suspected of operating.Earlier, while on vacation in Hawaii, Charlie's Angel star breasts swell and look different than usual. Diaz also alleged operation to enlarge her breasts.

And most recently, as they came into fashion events in Paris, Diaz's face looks different. Face former boyfriend Justin Timberlake was spotted without wrinkles and shiny. It immediately led to rumors that the woman who is now aged 39 was conducting operations in order to look younger.A plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn claimed there were irregularities when viewed face Diaz. But he is also in doubt, whether Cameron Diaz plastic surgery."Her forehead looks very smooth, chances are it is a consequence of excessive Botox injections. His face also looks very shiny, "explained Dr. Anthony."But I do not believe she has done plastic surgery. Or laser treatments Although I do not believe she had a facelift, laser treatments or chemical treatments can explain the skin smooth, shiny, "continued Dr. Anthony.

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